About Us

blue backpack with school supplies
Utah Street Span School is nestled in the quaint Aliso Village area of Los Angeles.  Proudly serving the Boyle Heights community, Utah offers a personalized learning setting in a K-8 span that allows for a nurturing environment and connection.  Our school currently serves 460 students from Pre-school through 8th grade. 
Utah Street Span prepares our scholars to be effective communicators and real world problem solvers by focusing on a rigorous curriculum centered  on mathematics, reading, writing, science, social studies and the arts. Our whole child approach allows us to provide social-emotional learning, physical and mental health, and strong character development. 
Our Deaf and Hard of Hearing program Spans from Pre-school through 8th grade, providing an enriching, challenging, and rigorous American Sign Language (ASL) and English print curriculum driven by both ASL and Common Core Standards.